As a school for childhood, we recognize that this time is a short but significant period in life when trust, curiosity, and emotion are spontaneous and expressed with exuberance and confidence.

At Acorn, as much time and emphasis is placed on your child’s social, emotional, and physical development as on his/her intellectual development. The curriculum and warm, friendly environment stimulate and challenge all aspects of your child as s/he becomes involved in learning. The whole child is considered and planned for in our everyday interactions. When your child is comfortable, self-confident, and developmentally ready, s/he is able to perform and succeed to his/her potential.

Acorn School encourages children to experiment, participate, and have fun. Whether it is enjoying our outdoors through gross motor play, or indoors through block and Lego building, finger painting, drawing, cutting, creative writing, acting out a favorite story, counting by fives, or learning sign language, the emphasis is always on the process rather than the product.

Through creatively enjoying movement, art, music, and theater, children embrace a curriculum emphasizing the sciences, world cultures, and creative arts. We also recognize that play is a vital part of your child’s development, and therefore value it as important part of each day.

We intentionally keep the teacher-to-child ratio very low — an average of one teacher for every five or six students — to ensure your child gets as much individual attention as possible.

Acorn School is non-discriminatory in its admission, scholarship, and hiring practices with regard to race, creed, color, national and ethnic origin, and gender.

School certification – State of New Hampshire #2171.