An early childhood education center, Acorn School follows a school-year schedule, running the second week of September through the first or second week of June, depending on the number of snow days. Vacations coincide with SAU 16 with the exception of Christmas week. School is in session for a total of 34 weeks (excluding vacation weeks).

School is in session Monday through Friday from 8:30 am – 3:00 pm, with class details and session times as follows:

3 & 4-yr old Preschool (Chipmunks) – 3 classes:
AM Chipmunks – Tues & Thurs 8:30-11:30
16 children/3 teachers
10 children/2 teachers

PM Chipmunks – Tues & Thurs 12:00-3:00
10-16 children/2-3 teachers

4 & 5-yr old Preschool (Woolly Bears, Chickadees, Tadpoles) – 3 classes:
Woolly Bears – Mon, Wed, Fri – 8:30-11:30
18 children/3 teachers

Chickadees – Mon, Wed, Fri – 8:30-11:30
10 children/2 teachers

Tadpoles – Mon, Wed, Fri – 12:00-3:00
12-18 children/2-3 teachers

5 & 6-yr old Kindergarten (Mighty Oaks) – 1 class:
Mighty Oaks – Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri – 8:30-1:30; Thurs 8:30-11:30
12-20 children/2-3 teachers

Extended Day and Enrichment programs are offered to morning four and five year olds until 1:30 on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, and to afternoon four and five year olds and kindergarteners on Tuesday afternoons.

Parent Participation –
Parents are invited to participate in the classroom program and classroom activities, and to help in our fundraising efforts. There are two parent meetings each year, two parent conferences, and a formal written report on your child’s progress delivered at the end of the school year.

The Board of Directors is comprised of parents. Parents interested and willing to serve on this volunteer board should contact a current board member or the director.