4 & 5 Year Old Preschool

Our second year preschool program is for four and five year olds (Woolly Bears, Chickadees & Tadpoles) and runs three days each week. Children must be four by Sept 30. There are four classes:

Woolly Bears – Mon, Wed, Fri – 8:30-11:30
18 children/3 teachers

Chickadees – Mon, Wed, Fri – 8:30-11:30
10 children/2 teachers

Tadpoles – Mon, Wed, Fri – 12:00-3:00
12-18 children/2-3 teachers

A Day in the Life of a Woolly Bear, Chickadee or Tadpole The children arrive and play outdoors until the bell rings. After going inside, they put away their belongings, and go to circle. This is a time when all the children gather to share experiences or a special treasure. Together we learn new songs, poems, or finger plays. In addition, we sometimes exercise to music. Gross motor skills are developed and strengthened as we stretch, crawl, jump, hop, gallop, skip or march around the room. We discuss information related to the unit we are currently studying, and introduce the activities for the day.

At Snack Time, each child has a turn to bring in snack to share with his/her classmates several times throughout the year. The child who brought in the snack helps set the table for the group. (The Tadpoles enjoy their snack after Clean-Up and Library.)

During Work and Play Time, the children choose from three to five activities that may vary from day to day. One activity is usually the project that everyone will complete that day or the following day. The other activities will vary among fine motor activities, gross motor activities, and game playing. There may be painting, blocks, dress-ups, obstacle courses, puzzles, dolls, and water/sand table activities. During this time, the door between the two four/five-year old classrooms is open to allow for interaction between the classes. The project is related to the season, holiday, or topic on which we are focusing.

Next comes Clean-Up and Library, where the children cooperate to clean up after all our free play activities. Once the child has cleaned up a designated area of the room, s/he sits quietly with a book either alone, or with a friend, enjoying all that books have to offer.

At Storytime and Activities, the children gather alone in a cozy corner for a story. Many times the story will relate to the topic of the day or tie in with the art project. This time might involve acting out a favorite story or fairy tale. Putting on plays or musicals is a favorite activity.

The children then go out to play until the ringing bell calls the children to gather on the benches to await their carpools.

Objectives for Woolly Bears, Chickadees, Tadpoles and Puffins

  • Develop a good self-image and feeling of confidence through self-expression and positive reinforcements
  • Become more aware of him/herself as an individuals and to feel a part of the Acorn community
  • Appreciate and respect each other through kindness, sharing, using manners, and following rules
  • Successfully enter and exit a play situation
  • Use words to express feelings and solve problems
  • Improve gross motor skills through activities such as climbing, swinging, and hanging from monkey bars
  • Improve fine motor skills while manipulating small objects (blocks, cars, clay, etc.)
  • Enhance and strengthen the ability to grasp and use crayons, markers, and scissors appropriately
  • Increase attention span and develop good listening skills
  • Appreciate learning, literature, cultures, and music
  • Become more aware and familiar with following directions
  • Become an effective communicator of their feelings and experiences with their peers and adults
  • Appreciate and respect nature
  • Recall and sequence events
  • Understand spatial relationships
  • Write one’s first name
  • Recognize the upper case alphabet and begin to associate sounds with appropriate letters
  • Be exposed to the lower case alphabet
  • Recognize and understand the concept of numbers 1 through 10
  • Recognize colors, shapes, simple patterns and the seasons of the year