What Acorn Parents Say

What Acorn Parents Say

Everyday the school amazes me.  My daughter loves nature and they really foster that side of her there.  They teach the importance of caring for the environment through songs and example.  One day I asked my daughter if she finished her banana at snack.  She said she did not.  I said, “Well, don’t throw it away next time.”  She replies, “Mom, I didn’t throw it away, I composted it.”  Right then I knew this was the school for us!  The teachers go beyond the classroom in caring for the students. One of my daughter’s teachers actually showed up at her ice skating lesson to watch her and another classmate of hers.  A friend that was with me was amazed.  She said her children’s teacher would never do something like that.  It is not only a school, it is an extended family and an amazing supportive community.  I wish they could go there through high school!
– Seth and Alana Hickey

Acorn School is a special place. The teachers are always smiling and fully committed to the children. I have witnessed compassion and friendship from the staff on many occasions. Last week when the children were sliding down the hill, one of the teachers asked a boy whom he would like to slide with (there were two children to pick from), and he said “Natalie”. The teacher then asked the other child (who was not chosen) to slide with her and everyone went happily on their way. There was not the outcome of hurt feelings and rejection.  I feel the teachers genuinely care about the students.  A month ago, I went to school with my daughter and when school ended I asked her teacher if the class runs smoothly like this every day or if this day was unusual. There was no pushing, kids crying, or any kind of uncontrollable behavior going on. The atmosphere was calm and happy with kids sharing and attentive to the teachers. The teacher said “yes, the class runs smoothly each day.” During the Christmas performance the children were shaking their bell instruments and one broke. The teacher noticed right away something was amiss and replaced the broken instrument. I also find the teachers to be so appreciative for the little things you do for the school. I have heard a lot of thank yous. It lifts you up when you are a busy parent. I have been fortunate to have many wonderful teachers working with my children, but the Acorn school staff is a little different. I believe what makes this school work so well is leadership from Sue Bendroth and the respect the teachers show each other. There is a team effort that shines through and transcends down to the children. My daughter is excited to go to school. She speaks warmly about her teachers. I hear words like ‘respect,’ ‘patience,’ and ‘interesting’ coming home in her vocabulary. It was not by accident I found Acorn School for my child to attend. I have heard many positive comments in the community and amongst friends who hold Acorn School in high regard.
– Susan Karlson

We couldn’t have chosen a better school for our son.  We have watched him grow from an apprehensive 3-year old to a confident 5-year old while attending Acorn School. The teachers are incredibly caring and genuinely interested in our son’s well being.  We look forward to sending our next child to Acorn in a few years and know she’ll have a similar wonderful preschool experience.
– Cindy and Eric Anderson

I am struck by so many things about Acorn. Lately, what strikes me the most is how each child is greeted each morning.  Always with a smile. Always in a heartfelt and genuine way. Always with their name. Often with a reference to something that happened the day before; a playdate, or a special outing. To watch their faces as they enter school each day is a delight.  There is NO better place than Acorn!
– Sue Fitzgerald

Acorn is such a wonderful school.  The teachers are so thoughtful and caring–my son calls them his friends and not teachers.  The projects that he has completed have been great–there is obviously much thought that goes into the curriculum.  We looked into many options for preschools for our children and are so happy that we chose Acorn!  We’re excited to be sending our daughters there next year as well.  There’s no better preschool in our opinion.
– Ellen and Joe Bernard

A Thanksgiving feast passed plate by plate along a line of teachers and parents, from the kitchen, up the stairs to the MIghty Oak Room, demonstrates the incredible community of Acorn School.
– Mary Ann and Brad Hazeltine

I have 3 boys who have all attended Acorn School. They all have very different personalities and Acorn has been a wonderful experience for all of them. I picked Acorn for my now almost 9-year old because of its nurturing environment that took the whole child into account. I love that the teachers really care for your child and you can trust they are in great hands. My oldest was very quiet and shy and had he gone elsewhere he might have just become more withdrawn. He stayed through his kindergarten year and his confidence just blossomed. They really nurtured his love for learning as well. My middle son is athletic and active. He still talks about the fun he had at Acorn and the friendships he developed there. The two older boys went back to visit in November with their youngest brother who is now a Chipmunk. You know it’s a special place when they still want to return. The teachers are respectful of the little ones and one of the teachers’ sense of humor just speaks to my boys. They love the school.
– Maureen Brown